Content creation

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Any teacher can upload content they created to Net Texts.

They can organize their content into Courses, and supplement that content with any item in our Open Educational Resource repository. We support many item types to allow teachers to give students a fully multimedia learning experience.

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Have an old PowerPoint that you want to use in a Course? You can upload slideshows as a set of images or simply upload your PowerPoint filed directly to Net Texts.

Interactive Assessments

Teachers can create their own interactive assessments on the Net Texts CMS. You can even modify existing OER assessments that you can find in the Net Texts repository.


Teachers can upload images in jpg, png, or gif format and attach a caption to each photo.


Teachers can upload mp4 videos to Net Texts. This is great for flipping the classroom, as students can download their teacher's Course at school, then take their device home and view all their teacher's videos without an internet connection.


Teachers can upload mp3 audio files. With Net Texts Reader, students can listen to a teacher's lecture while perusing their lecture notes, slideshows, or even a web page.


Teachers can link out to external webpages or create simple documents using a built-in rich text editor.