Instructions: The last part of your argumentative essay-writing experience is to create a multimedia presentation that will serve as additional means of arguing your case in a more creative manner. The tutorial above gives a brief explanation of Prezi, a free online presentation-making tool. You are not limited to using Prezi as your means of creating a multimedia presentation; however, it’s a great place to start if you don’t have any other preferred presentation-making tools.
Once you have decided what presentation tool you want to use, you should create a presentation that clearly depicts your argument and at least three pieces of supporting evidence. It should also include at least one audio element (sound effects, music, a sound clip, a recording of your voice, a video clip, etc.), at least one graphic element, and at least one video clip that relates to your topic. Creating and sharing multimedia presentations will be a skill that you will use often between now and high school, and even later in your life when you have a job.
Creating a multimedia presentation should take approximately 3 hours.